AJ Styles slams WWE fans for negative comments on superstars and the product

In recent weeks, Seth Rollins has stepped up to the plate as a locker room leader to defend WWE from the criticisms they have been getting.

Rollins has chosen to publicly defend WWE to the hilt on social media after negative comments ramped up towards storylines, the creative team and even superstars.

The Kingslayer dubbed himself the ‘best of the best’ in wrestling and declared WWE as the ‘best wrestling on the planet’, which drew criticism from all comers, including top British star Will Ospreay, who wrestles in Japan.

With All Elite Wrestling coming in as competition as well, the pressure is on for WWE to up their game, and their debut show Double Or Nothing certainly made Vince McMahon and company re-think their strategies.

That has included both Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff being assigned creative roles within the company and McMahon himself stating that the product will become ‘edgier’, but not ‘blood and guts’ like AEW.

The fans will more than likely still have something to find fault with when the changes are fully implemented, and another experienced superstar and big name in the locker room – AJ Styles – has sided with Rollins.

“I totally understand where he’s coming from. We’re out there doing trying our best to entertain everyone to the best of our ability,” Styles told Sporting News.

“It’s not easy to do that and then you want to be arm-chair quarterbacks. Hindsight sucks. Everybody wants to do that. You can’t do that.

“If these guys who want to criticise wrestling were so good at what they do, they’d have a job in the wrestling business. But they don’t. They rely on what someone else has said and whether or not they agree with that.

“They pick and choose what they like. You can’t do that. Either you enjoy it or you don’t. Regardless, you’re making a show about it weekly, so something must be going right. Somebody is doing something right.

“We want to entertain. We want to do our best, so it’s aggravating when not only do we know some things don’t go the way that we like, then we have to hear it from somebody else.”

AJ clearly sounds disgruntled with some sections of the WWE Universe, and it makes you wonder how many other superstars feel the same way backstage but are not speaking up about it.

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