WWE fan shares heartwarming story of Seth Rollins helping his family attend a WWE live event

Becky Lynch, Seth Rollins and Cesaro

Seth Rollins may have done his fair share of arguing on social media in the last month or so, but he's still found the time to be a classy human being.

It can be hard being one of the faces of a company like WWE, and the hours spent on the road can be tiring and painful.

Maybe that is why he got into a social media tussle with New Japan star Will Ospreay, and had a few negative comments sent his way after bragging about his bank balance.

That may not have been the real Seth Rollins on display though, as his kind-heartedness was shown towards a WWE fan this week who has shared his story on the internet.

WWE and CrossFit fan Johnnie contacted Rollins when he realised he would be in Oklahoma for a live event, telling him that he knew a place he could train if he wanted to work out during the day.

Rollins then responded to him when he was in the area, and the Kingslayer, his girlfriend Becky Lynch and the Swiss Cyborg - Cesaro - all went to train with Johnnie.

A WWE fan has shared a heartwarming story on what Seth Rollins did for him and his son this week

When Johnnie told Seth he would be in attendance for that nights live event after their training session, Rollins himself organised with WWE for the whole family to sit ringside - and that included Johnnie's son, Pax, who needed a wheelchair seat.

After Rollins defeated Baron Corbin in the main event, he came over to meet Pax and his family, which was caught on camera by WWE and shown on the big screen at the event.

Seth didn't need to do all of that, but it does show the man he truly is away from the ring and it's a great story for Johnnie, Pax and the whole family.

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