Brock Lesnar brutalises Seth Rollins on Raw and drags him from an ambulance

Brock Lesnar F5's Seth Rollins onto a steel chair on RAW

Brock Lesnar shocked the world to its very core last night - by actually appearing on Monday Night Raw and doing something other than be silent.

It's a rare sight to see Lesnar on RAW at all, but especially in the smaller cities they attend like Little Rock, but with SummerSlam fast approaching, Brock was needed.

His challenger at SummerSlam will once again be Seth Rollins, and the Kingslayer was pitted in a match with Dolph Ziggler last night.

Just as it looked like Rollins was about to try and finish Ziggler off, the music of the champion hit and what followed was a pretty brutal beat-down.

Rollins never got a shot in at all as a flurry of german suplexes downed him, and then Lesnar flung him into the ring post with an F5 without a care in the world.

Lesnar then grabbed a chair, folded it out in the ring and F5's Rollins on to the hard edge - not once or twice, but three times.

Rollins looked to be bleeding from the mouth after the assaults but this was seemingly used to sell his injuries as he was loaded onto a stretcher and into an ambulance, but that wouldn't be the end of it.

Brock Lesnar toys with Seth Rollins on Monday Night Raw

Lesnar would drag his challenger from out of the ambulance, unstrap him from the stretcher and then fling him onto the side of it with yet another painful-looking F5.

The build to their main event match, which is now less than two weeks away, seems awfully similar to their WrestleMania 35 bout, which was the same scenario in the sense that Lesnar was champion and Rollins the chaser.

Some fans have stated that this match needs a stipulation to feel different to all the others they've had, which have been straight-up, no frills one-on-one matches, and maybe a Last Man Standing match would fit with the brutality they're showing right now.

But there's only one RAW left to build the main event for the Biggest Party of the Summer, and with Lesnar scheduled to be in Pittsburgh next week, anything could happen.

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