Maria Kanellis becomes the first pregnant champion in WWE history by winning 24/7 Title

Maria Kanellis

After weeks of getting huge numbers on YouTube and social media, the 24/7 Championship took pride of place in the opening segment of Monday Night Raw.

WWE hilariously tried to hype the title up before Raw started with a vignette comparing it to the legacy of the WWE Championship, before we got a 'Mosh Pit Mixed Tag Team Match' [basically a lumberjack match] for the title.

The current 10-time champion R-Truth would team up with his partner Carmella to take on Drake Maverick and his wife Renee Michelle, who would be making her in-ring debut for WWE.

It wasn't to be a successful outing for Maverick - who is still yet to consummate his marriage - as he was defeated by Truth, but that wasn't even half of the story.

After the match was over, 24/7 rules were automatically re-instated, meaning any one of the men surrounding the ring had the chance to jump Truth and win the belt - so they all did.

One almighty pile-on saw Truth incapacitated and a new champion crowned, but with 20 or-so bodies on top of him, the referee didn't know who was the man at the bottom of the pile, so he crowned the first man out of the ring with the belt - Mike Kanellis.

It was his first title win in WWE, and it would be a very short reign.

Mike Kanellis' reign as 24/7 Champion would be a short one, as his wife Maria would take the title off him

Having been chased to the back by the pack, Kanellis locked himself in the referees room, only to be hunted down by his pregnant wife Maria, who demanded to be let in.

It would prove to be his downfall, as the 'First Lady of WWE' forced him to lie down and take a humiliating pin-fall, which officially made her the first-ever pregnant champion in WWE history.

Now who on earth would try and defeat a pregnant lady for a title?

Theoretically Maria could hold the title forever, but that definitely won't be the case, and it's doubtful that she will be getting physical to lose the belt anytime soon.

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