Manchester United lead the all-time Premier League table after 27 seasons

  • Kobe Tong
Manchester United v Everton - Premier League

Where would we be without the Premier League?

No matter what life throws at us, at least there's the most entertaining league in world football to enjoy at the weekend and the absolute institution that is Match of the Day.

Sure, it's ignorant to pretend that England's top division magically appeared in 1992, but we all love how the competition has become streamlined and rebranded ever since then.

It seems to draw a massive line or border across the modern era of the English game and allows us to compare statistics without bonkers pre-Wars numbers being brought into things.

The Premier League has now been running for 27 seasons, allowing us to take all the records pretty seriously and no more so than Manchester United's unprecedented 13 victories.

Premier League history

Under the command of Sir Alex Ferguson, the Red Devils hoovered up seven of the first nine trophies and would go on to win a further six times before his retirement.

The winners' club is certainly an exclusive one with Blackburn Rovers, Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City and Leicester City proving the only other members.

However, there have also been clubs like Everton and Tottenham that, despite having never won the championship, have consistently produced impressive points tallies.

Manchester United Manager Alex Ferguson and Assistant manager Brian Kidd

All-time Premier League table

It begs the question: what would the Premier League look life if every season's table was mixed into one? The answer is, if nothing else, incredibly interesting.

It will come as little surprise that United find themselves on top spot with 2,168 points, 648 victories, only 166 defeats and a whopping goal difference of 1,060.

The 'Champions League places' are then taken by Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool; while you can find the likes of Blackpool, Barnsley and Swindon Town near the bottom.

Take a look at the full table down below:


Over 27 years of Premier League history boiled down into one table - what a beautiful sight.

There are plenty of interesting observations that can be taken from the table, starting with the fact that Blackburn and Leeds are the highest teams who are currently Football League.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, Brighton are the lowest team who are a current Premier League side as opposed to Sheffield Untied, Norwich or the high-flying Aston Villa.

As for United, it will taken some time for them to be dethroned with Arsenal trailing by 213 points, which is the equivalent of 71 unanswered victories. 


So, even if the Red Devils continue to struggle for season to come, at least they'll be topping one version of the Premier League table for what could be decades.

Who do you think will win the 2019/20 Premier League? Have your say in the comments section below.

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