The crazy moment Baseball player took on the entire opposition sparking a mad mass brawl


Who doesn’t love watching a mass brawl break out on a sports field?

Sports people are famously ill-tempered folk and while we love watching them do what they do best, every sports fan will admit they love it when professionals partake in a spot of mass wrestling.

However, one of the places you are less likely to see such a scene is at a baseball game, a sport renowned for being quite civilised and down to earth.

That was not the case when the Pittsburgh Pirates took on the Cincinnati Reds, though.

Reds’ pitcher Amir Garret had been growing increasingly agitated throughout the game before the red mist eventually descended.

Garrett snapped, and in a moment of absolute madness, hurtled towards the opposition dug out to single handedly take on the whole lot of them.

He landed a few hefty haymakers before he disappeared into an enraged tangle of Pirates players.

You can see the incredible scenes below:

Bonkers, absolutely bonkers.

Garrett was hell bent on doing some kind of damage, never mind the fact that he was outnumbered by at least 20-1.

No one - the Pirates players included - could quite believe what was happening.

It is unclear what was actually said to spark Garrett off so spectacularly, but either way, his reaction was pretty incredible.

St. Louis Cardinals v Cincinnati Reds

The cavalry arrived soon after, with the other Reds players fearlessly following their brave leader into the heat of the battle.

Once they got there, it turned into an absolute melee for the ages - brawling Hall of Fame kind of stuff.

Garrett deserves some special praise though, with complete disregard for his own safety he launched himself into the opposition to bless us with some of the finest viewing we could ever ask for.

Thank you Amir, you truly are quite a lad.

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