Lionel Messi can get a higher rating than Cristiano Ronaldo in Pro Evolution Soccer 2020


Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo both have a 94 overall rating in Pro Evolution Soccer 2020.

It’s no surprise that the pair are rated so high. They are, in the eyes of many, still the best two players in the world right now.

Messi scored 51 goals in 49 appearances for Barcelona last season, while Ronaldo won the Serie A title with Juventus and the UEFA Nations League with Portugal.

Fans will forever debate which one is better, even long after they’ve retired, but it seems that PES can’t split them this year.

That is unless you use a little tactic to increase Messi’s rating to 95.

When he plays on the right wing, the Argentinian has a 94 rating. But RealSport have found out that it improves to 95 if you move him to centre forward.

An easy trick to get the best out of Messi in PES.


Messi vs Ronaldo in PES 2020

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These ratings are just for the demo, and could be tweaked before the full release of PES 2020 on September 10.

The demo has been released so we suggest giving it a go to see what you think.

Who knows, this could be the year you swap FIFA for PES.

New features in PES

Konami have remastered Master League, adding a new interactive dialogue system to the game mode.

A new dribbling technique called Finesse Dribble was developed in consultation with Barcelona legend Andres Iniesta.

It will allow players to snake between defenders with exceptional agility.


Meanwhile, PES 2020 will feature more realistic defending.

There are additional sliding tackle animations, more realistic animations when heading the ball clear, and the option to perform intentional fouls when you get desperate.

The demo features 13 teams, most of them South American.

However, you can also play as Manchester United, Juventus, Arsenal, Barcelona and Bayern Munich.

All five teams have signed deals with Konami for PES 2020 to feature their kits, stadiums, badges and players in the game.

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