Cricket fans in uproar as umpires make several mistakes during first day of Ashes

Many cricket fans across the world have been left raging after several umpiring mistakes at one of the biggest cricket events in the world; the Ashes.

Both Aleem Dar and Joel Wilson had decisions/errors overturned by the DRS and even the England captain Joe Root,couldn’t help but laugh at the two umpires’ rookie mistakes.

Furthermore, the first mistake came as early as the second over when David Warner chased one down the leg side and feathered it behind and as you would expect, the England team immediately appealed to an unconvinced umpire.

Although there was no review from Root, an UltraEdge replay clearly showed the Australian had nicked it.

Following on now to later in the Test when the umpires were at it again with the mistakes. However, this time the mistake came when Stuart Broad trapped Warner on the pads, but luckily for the somewhat mistake-prone umpires, there was no replay and therefore their blushes were saved.

Nevertheless, Hawkeye showed it was going down leg, by quite the way, but fortunately for England, Warner failed to review it which was perhaps justice for earlier events in the Test.

Throughout the rest of the Test, more and more errors of the umpires were exposed, making for an embarrassing game for them.

Shane Warne and Nasser Hussain described the day’s umpiring as ‘horrific’ and ‘shocking’.

The umpires made further mistakes throughout the Test such as when Usman Khawaja seemed to edge it behind off Chris Woakes yet somehow no wicket was given. Root almost instantaneously reviewed it and this time no blushes were spared for the umpires as the wicket was given.

To add to this, the umpires made more mistakes just to add to their terrible day at the office.

Broad smashed the ball into Steve Smith’s pads, who offered no shot and looked to be well outside of the off-stump.

England appealed yet again and as expected the finger went up and the decision was overturned.

The umpire concluded his embarrassing day with one final mistake when a ball from Woakes crashed into Matthew Wade’s pads and therefore Root reviewed it and the three columns quickly filled with red.

With that and just a few more errors to add to the list, the umpires’ day was over and now they could go home and perhaps practice their, well… umpiring skills, which is a statement many cricket professionals will agree with.

This is professionals such as Australia legend Warne, who stated on Twitter that the umpiring had been horrific from ball one.

The former England captain Hussain also said: “The umpires had a shocking day. We all know it’s a difficult job but it’s been really poor.”

To conclude, although the umpires had a terrible day at the office, it hasn’t spoilt the great occasion of the Ashes for the fans or the players, but probably only the umpires.

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