Ranking every single Premier League away kit for the 2019/20 season


Ah, football kits - where would we be without them?

The designs and quirks of Premier League jerseys have become integral to famous moments, defining superstar players and dictating the fashion of loyal supporters.

With the new Premier League season fast approaching, all 20 clubs have now revealed their home and away kits for the 2019-20 campaign.

And while home jerseys can often feature some quirky designs, their general conformity to tradition means that the away designs are far more variable and, sometimes, completely off the wall.

We've seen some interesting results over the years with Manchester United playing in pink, Arsenal donning purple hoops and God forbid we see Newcastle United in yellow stripes again.

Every Premier League away kit

However, now that the entire Premier League has released their away efforts for the year, we've decided to put our necks on the line at GiveMeSport and rank all 20 of them.

So, without further ado, here's our countdown of every single Premier League away kit for the 2019-20 season (look away now, United fans): 

20. Norwich City

Sigh. Errea have dropped an absolute clanger ahead of Norwich's return to England's top division and the only saving grace is that, because Liverpool play in red themselves, we won't have to subject our eyes to this on the opening weekend.


19. Manchester United

Did somebody at Old Trafford take a Dulux colour wheel, close their eyes and pick a colour completely at random? Perhaps 'snakeskin' looks good in somebody's bathroom, but we don't want to see this shade on another Premier League kit in a hurry.


18. Southampton

Another colour combination that simply doesn't work. Saints fans weren't too impressed with their home jersey and the marriage of dark grey and yellow means nothing has changed for the away strip. That's not to mention the obtrusive-looking sponsor.


17. Manchester City

Puma did a pretty good job with City's home shirt this summer, but clearly ran out of ideas - or bled about three into one - for the away jersey. We're sorry, but there's too many colours going on here.


16. Everton

There are actually quite a lot of supporters who like this jersey and, don't get us wrong, it's nowhere near as bad as the bottom four, but it's nothing special either. The simplistic design has a lot going for it, yet the 'living coral' colour choice was definitely a mistake.


15. Newcastle United

We're now getting into the area of the list that, well, is simply 'meh.' Do we hate this Newcastle design? Absolutely not, but this shade of green is incredibly forgettable and the classic colours of the crest have been drained away for this number.


14. Bournemouth

When Paddy Power made their campaign about sponsors ruining football jerseys, they were probably thinking of efforts like this. The Mansion Bet design is all over the shop here, even if the general blend of purple works really well for the Cherries.


13. Crystal Palace

This one is frustrating, because there's just so much potential. Puma got it absolutely spot on with their choice of colours here, but the zig zag design down the centre is messy to say the least and isn't helped by yet another busied sponsor logo.


12. Watford

We're pretty much just going to shrug our shoulders here. We like the colour, we like the texture, we even like the collar; there's just nothing to write home about.


11. Brighton & Hove Albion

What's annoying here is that black and white kits can be some of the best in the business and although we're fans of this Brighton effort, it could have been a top five contender. Nevertheless, it's incredibly smart even if it's a little safe.


10. Aston Villa

We're slowly getting towards the better jerseys in the Premier League and there's always something great about Villa reversing the prominence of their claret and blue colours. However, Kappa won't exactly be winning an award for originality here.


9. Burnley

Umbro played it pretty safe with their home jersey at Turf Moor this season, but pushed the boat out for this one and with impressive results. The sponsor blends in really nicely here, even if the lightning bolt design on the chest could alienate some supporters.


8. Liverpool

Their home kit was an absolute belter and their away strip is pretty lovely too. There's just something really classy, albeit not that experimental, about the white colouring and the red-blue mixture on the sleeves is a nice touch.


7. Leicester City

Is there anything more divisive in life than a pink jersey? We're not sure United pulled it off last year and Everton completely bodged it 2010, yet Leicester have pretty much nailed it and Adidas' trademark black stripes marry really well.


6. Tottenham Hotspur

We're sure that some fans will shrug their shoulders at this one, but sue us for thinking that Nike have released yet another smooth and suave Spurs kit. Very good, just slightly short of excellent.


5. Wolverhampton Wanderers

You know we rate the Adidas design when we think the same sponsor that hurt Palace is faring much better here. We have a soft spot for black kits and when you chuck Wolves' orange hues into the equation, you get an incredibly smart result.


4. Arsenal

Hold your pitch forks for a second Gooners, because we do love the return of the 'bruised banana', we just happen to like three kits more. Adidas have taken a vintage shirt from the 1990s, given it a beautiful modern riff and it's already flying off the shelves for good reason.


3. West Ham United

The Hammers might just have the best home-away kit combination this season and we can't get enough of what Umbro have done with the collar and sleeves here. The Betway logo matches neither colour, but seems to camouflage itself perfectly nonetheless.


2. Sheffield United

How has a kit with such a loud sponsor made it this far up the list? There's something about this kit that screams 'less is more', while the colours mix effortlessly from 'Union Standard Group' into the Adidas number around it. Say what you like, but we're sold.


1. Chelsea

Seriously, though, can any other kit be number one? Nike have seriously saved themselves after a terrible home kit design and there's just something so perfect about this away strip. It's so smart that we want to see it in a James Bond film or at an Oscars ceremony. 


What's your favourite Premier League away kit this season? Have your say in the comments section below. 

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