‘Liar’ - Fans in South Korea appear to have lost all respect for Cristiano Ronaldo


The fallout from Cristiano Ronaldo’s non-appearance in last week’s friendly between Juventus and the K-League All-Stars has been pretty big.

The Portuguese superstar infuriated fans inside the stadium by failing to come on in the second half.

Ronaldo was apparently ‘contractually obliged’ to play at least 45 minutes of the friendly, and many fans purchased tickets in order to watch the five-time Ballon d’Or winner in action.

The 34-year-old hadn’t played in Korea for over a decade and, for a lot of people inside the stadium, this would be their only opportunity to see him play in the flesh.

Ronaldo was sat on the bench throughout the match and was booed towards the end of the match as it became clear that he wasn’t coming on. Some fans even chanted Lionel Messi’s name.

Maurizio Sarri cited an unspecified muscular problem as the reason for Ronaldo’s no-show, while Juventus simply said it was because of his ‘physical condition’.

However, Korean fans don’t want to hear it and are now demanding compensation - $59 per ticket and $847 each for ‘mental anguish’.


Lawyer Kim Min-ki is demanding Juve caught up $50 million, to cover the cost of the fans’ tickets and ‘mental anguish’.

“The special circumstances of this incident is that the company, The Fasta, misled and used the fans of Cristiano Ronaldo for their own benefit,” he is quoted as saying by Goal.

“To the fans of Ronaldo, this is equivalent to losing the player whom they have admired and supported their entire lives.

“The betrayal and anger of the victims who seek compensation are first and foremost directed towards the corporation, The Fasta.

“These feelings also stretch to the K-League, the Korea Football Association and Juventus, as they were involved in the event, and of course, Cristiano Ronaldo, the very person which this incident resolves around.”

Indeed, Goal’s video shows just how angry Korean fans are.

They can be seen holding up placards with Ronaldo’s face calling him a “liar”.


Another shows Ronaldo’s infamous statue with the words ‘Wanted’ and ‘Guilty’ on it, along with ‘€3,000,000’.


It seems that Ronaldo has lost a lot of fans in South Korea because of this unfortunate episode.

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