The Undertaker essentially has lifetime WWE contract


The Undertaker is a WWE legend and WWE wants to make sure he stays with them and does go to another brand to perform in the ring.

Just earlier this year, it looked like The Deadman would be making an appearance at Starrcast II, a wrestling convention that has strong links with WWE's newest competition, AEW.

Vince McMahon didn't like one of his longest-serving superstars being closely linked to AEW, so he gave The Undertaker a new deal. Now, some of the details of that deal have emerged.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, via Ringside News, The Undertaker's most recent deal with the WWE is essentially a lifetime contract.

They said: "The new deal Undertaker signed, while not exactly a lifetime contract, is so long that for all intents and purposes it is."

It's hard to imagine The Undertaker working for anyone else in the wrestling business, but with how ruthless the wrestling business can be, it's clear McMahon wanted to make sure one of his biggest icons wasn't working for someone else.

Knowing this, the deal probably guarantees The Deadman works a schedule for the WWE which suits him best and against opponents he wants to face.

This is why we've seen him most recently at WWE's shows in Saudi Arabia, as well as working alongside Roman Reigns vs Drew McIntyre and Shane McMahon at Extreme Rules last month.


It's clear as well from his desire to work on what is essentially a B show in Extreme Rules alongside Reigns and McIntyre is that he also wants to use his star power to put the next generation of talent over.

For a long time as well when The Undertaker slipped into a part-time role in WWE, he wanted to keep his mystic intact by wrestling only at WWE's biggest stage, WrestleMania. It's clear that this is no longer the case.

At times, it may look like The Deadman is struggling in the ring due to his age. However, fans should keep in mind, especially following the details of his new deal, that it's evident he's stepping into the ring for the sake of the business, not for his own personal gain.

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