Hulk Hogan wanted a heel turn at WrestleMania VI and to be called 'Triple H'


One of the most iconic matches in WWE history took place at WrestleMania VI between Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior.

It was a Champion vs Champion match of WWE Champion Hogan vs Intercontinental Champion Warrior, booked to put the wheels in motion to make Warrior the next top guy in the company.

As a result, Warrior dethroned Hogan to win the WWE Championship, but The Hulkster thought he saw the writing on the wall in terms of his relevancy.

Speaking recently on The Steve Austin Podcast, via Wrestling Inc, Hogan talked about that moment and the importance of keeping yourself relevant despite a loss.

He said: "I had my gimmick going. All the sudden the Ultimate Warrior comes along, and he has the neon colors on, I have a big set of arms and one big ab, he has a 12-pack.

"All the sudden I'm sitting in a room and seeing Vince look at him and not really look at me anymore and Vince is calculating the dollar signs. I could see Vince seeing him as a better money-making package than me because I had been along for a while.

"When we did the WrestleMania thing, we did the build-up pretty good. Then it gets time to go over the finish, and whether I'm going over or not, I have the same two questions: Why are we doing this, and what happens next?

"When I was told to put the Warrior over, I asked those questions and Vince said, 'I think the red and yellow is over, we have gotten everything we can out of it.'


"And I was like, 'Damn, Vince what if after the finish I point to God, give him the belts and leave, but I do that slow Three Stooges turn, I go back and gaff his ass and call myself Triple H, Hollywood Hulk Hogan?

"He said, 'that would never work and you can't be a heel.' So, he squashed that."


In hindsight, we now know that becoming a heel did work for The Hulkster.

Hogan turned heel during his time with WCW at Bash at the Beach in 1996, becoming Hollywood Hulk Hogan as well as creating one of the most famous stables in wrestling history alongside Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, the nWo.

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