The Rock says he's 'quietly retired' from WWE


The Rock hasn't wrestled for the WWE for several years now, and it looks like it's never going to happen again.

The last time The Great One stepped foot inside a WWE ring for a match was at WrestleMania 32 when he had an impromptu match vs Erick Rowan.

His last match before that was at WrestleMania 29 and it was the culmination of his multi-year feud with John Cena. He lost the WWE Championship that night to Cena.

However, despite stating that he misses wrestling, The Rock said on Live with Kelly and Ryan, via Wrestling Inc, that he has quietly retired from wrestling.

When The People's Champion was asked if he wishes he could do acting and WWE, he said: "I mean, no. I quietly retired from wrestling because I was lucky enough to have just a really wonderful career and accomplish what I wanted to accomplish, but there's nothing like a live crowd, a live audience, a live microphone as you both know.

"Plus, I grew up in wrestling. For a lot of you guys that don't know, my grandfather wrestled, my dad as well, my whole family.

"And I actually had my very first match ever in the WWE, was in Madison Square Garden and it was a big pay-per-view, and it was funny because I credit my time and my journey in pro wrestling to getting me to where I am at today."


Fans would love to see The Rock have one more match in the WWE, but it seems as though the man himself is quite content with the way his wrestling career finished in the ring.

It's unlikely that The Great One would be wrestling anytime soon either due to his position in Hollywood.

The Rock is one of the most successful actors in Hollywood right now and is constantly working on different movies. Due to the investments made by those movie studios into him, he likely wouldn't be cleared to wrestle anytime soon.

There's always a chance he could just make an appearance to deliver a promo, but that's probably as good as it will get for him now in the WWE unless he decides to take a break from acting.

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