Seth Rollins: Brock Lesnar has no heart or soul when it comes to WWE


Seth Rollins has a strong belief that his SummerSlam opponent, Brock Lesnar, has no heart or soul when it comes to WWE.

Rollins will face Lesnar for the Universal Championship at SummerSlam next weekend, and he'll be hoping he can regain the title he lost last month at Extreme Rules.

As soon as Extreme Rules was over, Lesnar slipped back into the role of a part-time superstar, meaning the Universal title has not appeared on Monday Night Raw every week since like it should as a top title.

While he recognises The Beast as Universal Champion, The Beastslayer has no respect for him as he believes Lesnar has no heart or soul when it comes to WWE.

Rollins said on the Fight Club podcast, via Fightful: “My opinion of it is that the WWE Championship will always feel special. My point with Lesnar is that he doesn’t care.

"There’s no heart or soul when it comes to the WWE and it’s all about making the most money. There’s no passion, he doesn’t aspire to be anything. Nobody on the planet says, ‘Brock Lesnar is my favorite wrestler.’

"I think taking the title to these different towns and having a title match on top every single night makes it mean something and it’s something the rest of the locker room strives to achieve. When you don’t have that, there’s no standard.

"When you have a champion like Lesnar, who shows up whenever he wants and he’s above everyone, then you run into issues. What did that help? Does it help our business? I don’t think so and that was my point more than anything.

"I think it makes it special in his way, but it’s not the right way to make the title mean something."


Rollins added that Lesnar deserves to be champion, but he also thinks that all of The Beast's reigns as Universal Champion has made him a 'terrible champion'.

He said: “He is worthy of the title and being a champion. There’s no denying what Brock Lesnar is capable of, as far as being an athlete and being a performer.

"But the truth is, he’s just not a good champion. He’s supposed to inspire people and supposed to make people appreciate what you do, love this industry, be a part of this industry as a fan and as a performer, what have you.


"But Lesnar as a champion does none of those things. He is a capable performer, maybe one of those capable, but he’s a terrible champion in my opinion."

Many fans will agree with Rollins since they hardly see the Universal title due to Lesnar's part-time status. However, Lesnar is a big draw for WWE, so they're unlikely to take the title off him so easily.

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