Roman Reigns accidentally threw a club at a cameraman while filming 'Hobbs & Shaw'


Roman Reigns was called out by The Rock this week for throwing a club at a cameraman while filming his scenes for the Hobbs & Shaw movie.

The Rock shared the story on his Instagram of Reigns throwing a club when he was only supposed to pretend to do so during the filming of a scene for the movie, knocking down a cameraman in the process.

During a recent interview with E:60 to promote Hobbs & Shaw, The Big Dog gave his side of the story, describing the emotions going through his head at the time.

He said: "I did my first movie. The star of the movie, some of you may know him as Dwayne Johnson. Some of you may know him as The Rock. I just know him as Dwayne. He's my cousin, family.

"Being the new guy, I thought I was gonna have a regular fight scene. But they told me, 'you're gonna have a fight scene with Dwayne'.

"We built it up and we finally get to the day [of shooting the fight]. We're moving in perfect chemistry. At the end of any fight scene, you have that cool superhero pose. We get eye-to-eye, we throw our clubs. Right-back, I know I'm the man. Oh my God....I'm not the man.

"I hit the cameraman directly in the face. He takes a huge spill. I sprint over to him. I'm apologizing like crazy. Everyone is screaming.


"I pick up [the cameraman], and no one is looking at me anymore. They're looking at Dwayne.

"Only in Dwayne fashion. 'Roman, I don't even know why I brought you on this project. I think I gotta fire you now.' Luckily, the cameraman was a trooper and accepted my apology."

Luckily for Reigns, the cameraman didn't suffer a serious injury.

As for The Big Dog's future in Hollywood, he has said he sees himself as a full-time superstar in the WWE for at least five more years.

However, when he's done being a full-time superstar for WWE, Hollywood will be waiting for him.

As for his current WWE plans, Reigns isn't currently booked for a match at SummerSlam, but recent rumours have suggested he will be facing Daniel Bryan in a match on the show.

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