Tyson Fury vs Muhammad Ali: Who Would Win?

Tyson Fury v Tom Schwarz

In 2017, a boxing fan split opinion by proposing a fantasy fight between two of the biggest personalities in the history of the heavyweight division

A post to the World Boxing Forum by user 'Tyson Fury Goat' claimed that the British undefeated lineal champion would win the bout, being 'too big and strong' for Ali who 'wouldn't [have] coped with Fury's long reach and awkward style.'

Fans of Fury were quick to agree, one posting: "Fury talks his head off, then boxes rings around him."

Someone else argued: "Ali is going to have a tough time here with [a] long southpaw who can cause him fits by not even being aggressive and still scoring on him. The way to defeat Fury is punch him HARD.”

A third added: "Ali never had sheer power, so he would be at a big disadvantage of trying to rattle Fury who in REAL life has Ali by HUGE margin in reach, something that made Ali's fights a bit easier. Can't say I would make either a huge favourite but money's on Fury."

With opinions divided, it didn’t take long for fans to spring to Ali’s defence, with one posting: "Ali [was] too smart. Stoppage or wide points."

Another added: "You mean how many different ways could Muhammed [sic] Ali beat up Tyson Fury right?"

A third said: "Ali by execution within 4 rounds."

When a fan called Fury "overrated," 'Tyson Fury Goat' responded: "He has the awkward style im not saying ali couldnt of won but i just dont see how he could beat him [sic]."

Tyson Fury v Tom Schwarz

One thing that is for sure is that the entertainment value for a fight between two such larger than life characters would create a spectacle to rival the greatest bouts in history.

With one poster remarking: "The press conferences would be a thing of beauty. I don't think Ali would get into Fury's head and actually think Fury would get into Ali's head. However, I would go for an Ali UD."

At the time the post was created, it looked as though a fantasy fight would be the only arena Tyson Fury would grace, with the former champion being open about his struggles with drug and alcohol abuse and his battles with mental health.

Fury returned to the ring on the June 9, 2018 to defeat Sefer Seferi after a near three-year hiatus and is now eyeing up a rematch with WBC champ Deontay Wilder, 33, in 2020.

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