Seth Rollins doesn't want intergender wrestling in WWE as it is 'unrealistic'

Seth Rollins

Because they're TV-PG, WWE can't do certain things as it will upset shareholders and sponsors alike.

One of those things is intentionally bleeding, which was left behind several years ago, and in instances recently where someone has unintentionally bled a referee dons his gloves to clean the superstar up.

Another thing that may trigger sponsors is man on woman wrestling, but in 2019 we have seen instances of that being relaxed.

With no men-on-women attacks in WWE since the Ruthless Aggression Era, it was a shock to see Nia Jax get laid out by multiple men in the Royal Rumble match.

Attacking R-Truth on the way to the ring to steal his spot, Jax was ganged up on by Dolph Ziggler, Rey Mysterio and finally Randy Orton in a spot that was widely talked about, and started rumours that intergender wrestling was coming.

Nothing came of it though, but we saw another female WWE star attacked by a man at Extreme Rules last month after Baron Corbin hit the End Of Days on Becky Lynch.

Another man in that match, Seth Rollins, doesn't believe intergender wrestling really has a place in WWE as of right now, but there's no reason as to why in the future it can't be done.

Baron Corbin's End Of Days to Becky Lynch at Extreme Rules was one of two cases of men-on-women wrestling in 2019

“There are places for it, but this full on independent style women vs men match where the women are chokeslamming the men?" questioned the former Universal Champion, per The Daily Star.

“Our business is based in realism a little bit, so let's do that as best we can.

"I think let's live in a reality a little bit here, I am not saying women aren’t as good as men because that is not the case.

“But there is a reason when you go to the Olympics there are mens and womens [sports], there is a reason you have mens and womens soccer, mens and womens basketball.

“It is not they aren’t as talented, or they are not as good as athletes, but you just need to break it up. There are women out there who are incredible.

Seth Rollins believes now is not the time to bring in intergender wrestling to WWE

“Whether we are going to have full on intergender matches, we may get there - but it is going to take some doing.”

Whilst in the PG Era it doesn't look like we will actually get a full-on male v female match, and it probably wouldn't suit WWE in this day and age how they do it on the independent scene.

But it's good that Rollins hasn't fully denounced the whole idea and is at least receptive to giving it a chance when the time is right.

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