The first official for WWE 2K20 has been leaked

The trailer for WWE 2K20 has been released

WWE fans were supposed to see the first glimpses of the newest instalmentL of the WWE 2K game tomorrow - 2K20.

Instead though, someone has gotten their hands on it early and made it public for the world to see.

The most recent version of the game received generally positive reviews, but the main feature fans crave every year - General Manager Mode - was not there once again instead of Universe Mode.

That looks set to continue, but no actual features have been released as of yet, just teaser screenshots.

But today saw the leaking of the trailer, and it looks like we may have two cover stars this year.

The trailer is set in a fancy room, where it looks like the elite of the elite had gathered.

Hulk Hogan, Braun Strowman, Shawn Michaels and Paul Heyman are all shown in the opening few seconds, and Stone Cold Steve Austin also appears as he asks for a 'cold one'.

There is then a huge crash in the middle of the room, and it is Becky Lynch who 'smashes through the glass ceiling', which symbolises her rise from an afterthought in early 2018 to competing in the main event of WrestleMania this year.

First-look images of the latest instalment of the WWE 2K series - 2K20 - were released last week

With the likes of Velveteen Dream and Austin looking on incredulously, the Lasskicker apologises for breaking the ceiling, and then comes face-to-face with a suited-and-booted Roman Reigns.

The pair share a toast, and then first video shots are shown of 2K20 with Lynch and Reigns performing their moves, with Lynch announcing the games slogan - 'Step Inside And Be The Man'.

You can watch the trailer in its entirety below.

WWE probably spent a fair deal creating this, and it looks like Reigns and Lynch will both be on the cover of the new game.

It would make Lynch the first woman to appear on the cover of a WWE 2K game, but not the first on any brand of WWE game.

The late Chyna was shown on the front of SmackDown! in 2000, WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus was on the cover of the 2004 Nintendo GameCube game Day Of Reckoning, and Stacy Kiebler was front-and-centre on Day Of Reckoning 2 a year later.

Are you excited for 2K20? Let us know in the comments below and what features you want to see!

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