First FIFA 20 gameplay has been revealed and it's splitting opinion


FIFA 20's release is drawing closer. 

So far, EA Sports have revealed a lot of exciting details about this year's title, including the return of a street football game mode and improvements to Ultimate Team and Pro Clubs. 

That's all well and good, but FIFA will live and die on how good the gameplay is. 

Following the conclusion of the FIFAeWorldCup tournament at the O2 Arena in London, fans were treated to a first look at what we can expect.  

YouTubers MattHDGamer and Calfreezy went head-to-head with Real Madrid and Liverpool, debuting the gameplay. 

Check out the video below, with another gamer, Inception, giving his personal analysis of the footage. 

There's obviously a lot to take from this reveal, with many people picking up on how much slower the gameplay looks. 

Build-up play seems to be more important and because of that, scoring a goal could be much more rewarding.

On top of that, we get a look at EA's changes to dribbling and skills, as well as some of the new animations the developers have added in.


Given that this is the first time we've seen FIFA 20's gameplay, it's obviously very early to start drawing conclusions. But already, the footage is splitting fans' opinion. 

"That gameplay was a lot slower for sure, gonna take some getting used to, defending felt a lot more rewarding which is good," MattHDGamer said.

"Watching the first live gameplay on Fifa 20, the slower pace is very noticeable. I actually like the idea of a slower more tactical gameplay," another said. 


But, it wasn't to everyone's liking, with someone else tweeting: "FIFA 20, the shame s*** again. Gameplay hasn't changed a bit." 

We'll all get the chance to try FIFA for ourselves when the demo is released in the next few weeks. But what are your impressions of the first gameplay reveal? Have your say in the comments. 

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