Roman Reigns and Becky Lynch have been confirmed as the cover stars of WWE 2K20

Roman Reigns is one of two WWE superstars featured on the cover of WWE 2K20

2K Games have announced the first features of the newest instalment of their WWE franchise - 2K20.

The cover stars have also been revealed and if anyone saw yesterday's leaked trailer, it will come as no surprise many which pairing has been selected.

It was supposed to come out today, but someone got their hands on the first trailer yesterday and it was uploaded to social media.

Becky Lynch was shown 'breaking through the glass ceiling', and the likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan and Shawn Michaels all appeared in star-studded footage.

And first glimpses of the gameplay itself showed just Lynch and Reigns' moves, with the end image hinting that they were more-than-likely going to be the cover stars when we got an official reveal.

Well today was the day and both Lynch and Reigns have taken pride of place on the cover of 2K20.

The cover of WWE 2K20, featuring Becky Lynch and Roman Reigns

Lynch's inclusion was obvious as she has become the rising star of the product in the last 12 months, and she is also getting a special Showcase Mode dedicated to her career, according to Gamespot.

Another first will see the inclusion of mixed tag team matches in the game, which means you can pair Lynch and her boyfriend Seth Rollins up in-game.

The 'Towers' mode for 2K19 returns and there is a story centred around Reigns' career, and perhaps most importantly for the first time in 2K history, Chyna will feature as a playable character!

Chyna, pictured alongside Triple H in her DX days, will make an appearance in a 2K game for the first time

The Ninth Wonder of the World was finally inducted to the WWE Hall of Fame this year as part of D-Generation X, amidst years of being shunned for her past outside of WWE.

But the woman who broke boundaries in the Attitude Era will take her place alongside the current female roster on 2K20 this year, which means you can make dream match-ups like Chyna v Charlotte Flair and Chyna v Sasha Banks.

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