Adidas set to re-launch iconic F50 Tunit boots from 2006


Adidas have announced that they will no longer be making the 'Glitch' style of football boot. 

Launched in 2016, the German brand hoped to revolutionise the game with completely customisable footwear. 

Two-piece interchangeable construction allowed players to 'change their style' each game with different, colourful skins available to simply pull over the top of the boot. 

It was certainly an interesting concept, but one that Adidas have ultimately decided to drop.

But those who liked the Glitch range shouldn't be too upset, because reports suggest that the original customisable boots will be making a return. 

According to Footy Headlines the Adidas F50 Tunit, originally launched before the 2006 World Cup, will be making a return in late 2019 or 2020.

It was the manufacturers first real crack at a customisable boot, which was defined by a Tunit system that split the product into three parts.

The upper, sole, chassis and studs were all interchangeable to complete a lightweight design that helped some of the most famous footballers in the world stand out on the biggest stage. 

Iconic colourways were worn by the likes of a young Lionel Messi, Ashley Cole and Lukas Podolski at the World Cup in Germany - as well as many of us on a Sunday League pitch.     

Argentinian forward Lionel Messi runs wi

Check out the images from Footy Headlines, which appear to show that the re-launched boots will look almost identical to the classics. 

Photo Credit: Footy Headlines Photo Credit: Footy Headlines Photo Credit: Footy Headlines

It's not yet clear if the new pairs will be completely interchangeable like the originals, but with Adidas moving away from the Glitch styles, it's a strong possibility.

We do know some of the specs though. The F50 will come with a removable fold-over tongue and the Adidas X 19 Sole Plate. 

They will likely be quite expensive on release, with Footy Headlines predicting the price to be around $300. 

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