WWE set to return to Saudi Arabia for 'Crown Jewel 2019' on October 31

In perhaps the least surprising WWE-related news of the year, the company are returning to the Middle East later in 2019.

It doesn’t even feel that long ago since the company were in Saudi Arabia, and that’s because it wasn’t.

Just two months ago saw the disastrous main event between Goldberg and The Undertaker, and the show received a very mixed reaction from WWE fans alike.

Super ShowDown happened a bit later than normal, with the first Saudi special show in 2018 happening in late April, and then the second planned show occurred in early November.

As part of a contract signed with the Saudi Sports Authority, WWE will host two special events every year for 10 years, and not even the murder of Jamal Khashoggi could stop them from returning.

So instead of the six-month gap between events in 2018, it will be just four-and-a-half months since Super ShowDown when WWE go live again in Riyadh, as a date of October 31 has been set according to PW Insider reporter Mike Johnson, per Fightful.

And the very uncreative name of ‘Crown Jewel 2019’ is being used, which is just an extension of the very same event from last November.

The date chosen for the event though is very significant for a few reasons.

Firstly, October 31 is known as Halloween around the world, so there’s a chance that WWE could use the holiday for a theme during the show – WWE do own the name ‘Halloween Havoc’ that was used in WCW.

And secondly, with that date falling on a Thursday this year, it means that SmackDown, which will be hosted on a Friday night when it moves to FOX in the United States at the start of October, will definitely not be hosted in the U.S that evening on November 1.

SmackDown is already being taped on November 8 in the United Kingdom during the European tour, and Raw will also be produced the very same night in the same arena in Manchester, to be shown on November 11.

Are we getting the first-ever SmackDown hosted in Saudi Arabia? It’s unlikely, but it will raise some speculation on where the blue brand will be heading that night.

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