Roman Reigns disagrees with Jon Moxley's critical comments of the WWE creative process

Roman Reigns has an opposing view-point to Jon Moxley when it comes to WWE's creative process

Jon Moxley's comments on WWE's creative process after he departed the company in late April shook the internet to its very core.

The former Dean Ambrose struck out for himself upon the expiry of his contract and immediately made an appearance on Chris Jericho's Talk Is Jericho podcast, and made some remarkable statements on goings-on behind the scenes in WWE.

His statement of 'burying WWE for the next two hours' wasn't even a joke - he went on to tell of his personal nightmare with the writing staff and Vince McMahon, and told Jericho the point where he knew he was done with the company.

Moxley also mentioned the fact that he couldn't believe he was convinced to say an insulting remark about Roman Reigns, who had just temporarily departed to undergo treatment for a leukaemia diagnosis.

It was the 'butt injections' promo he gave in Milwaukee that sent Moxley over the edge, and he refused to make a further disparaging remark about Reigns that was in the script regarding his illness.

Speaking of Reigns, in an interview with ESPN he disagreed with his friend's viewpoint on the creative process, in typical face-of-the-company fashion.

“I’ll tell you straight-up: I disagree with what Ambrose said about the creative process," said Reigns.

Jon Moxley made some internet-shaking comments about the WWE creative process after leaving the company

"When it comes down to it, creative-wise, that’s on you. Communication is communication. When you go in there and you talk to boss, you gotta let him know.

"He even made comments about the things I had to say, but that was in a different place. I was brand-new.

"We’ve worked our asses off for Vince in this company, and he respects that, and he wants to know our opinions. You have to speak up for yourself. I’m in a position now where he listens to everything I have to say, what I’m feeling.

"Early on, when you don’t have any equity, when you haven’t put in any time, you should do what the boss says.

Moxley's former Shield partner in WWE - Roman Reigns - really disagrees with Moxley's stance though

"But once you earn that equity, once you got the keys to the car - which Ambrose was clearly in that position because all three of us [were] - you have to speak up for yourself and do what’s right for you."

Being the new cover star of WWE 2K20 and one of Vince's top superstars, did you ever expect him to say anything different?

No active WWE star is going to come out and slam McMahon's methods, especially when you are the golden child.

And with Reigns saying he will never wrestle anywhere other than WWE, it looks like we may never find out if his words are meaningful or if he's being disingenuous. 

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