Bristol City will refuse to kick the ball out of play for injured opponents this season

Bristol City boss Lee Johnson has set a new stance for kicking the ball out.

There was a 'controversial' moment in Bristol City's 3-1 defeat to Leeds United at the weekend.

The Robins played on despite knowing full well that Mateusz Klich was down.

That, understandably, made the Leeds bench angry - it's hardly fair, is it?

Although, it does bring up memories of last season where Leeds - Klich himself, in fact - quite deliberately scored when Aston Villa had a man down.

Leeds did give them a goal back immediately, of course, as everyone (except Pontus Jansson) stood off to allow Villa to score.

But then, technically, stopping play is supposed to be up to the referee's discretion, not the opposition team - they can play on if they like.

Kicking it out is merely 'in the spirit of the game', done because you've gained that unfair advantage.

Although, as Robins boss Lee Johnson explained after the incident against Leeds, things aren't always how they seem.

They believe that players are making a meal out of things on too many occasions, looking to stop an opposition attack by playing up an 'injury'.

Klich was down as Bristol City attempted to attack.

And as a result, Bristol won't be kicking the ball out this season - a stance they've made clear by emailing every other Championship club.

"It's fine. We sent an email out to the clubs because this happens often," said Johnson, per the Bristol Post.

"Somebody goes down and sometimes it's tactical, because people try and gain an advantage and sometimes it's genuine.

"So we just decided as a club that we're going to make a rule for the 46 games that we're going to let the referee manage the game.

Leeds were involved in a controversial incident against Aston Villa last season.

"So therefore if that's our player injured or the opposition player injured, there's a consistency there.

"If the referee sees a head injury he will stop the game but if it's not a head injury he will play on."

It makes a lot of sense. We've all been there - you're watching your team kick the ball out but everyone knows full well that there's no injury.

20 seconds later the stricken player is back up and playing - it's infuriating, sometimes.

Well, the Robins are taking a hard stance on that and perhaps they should be commended for it.

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