Bolivian referee called for VAR before giving a penalty, despite there being no VAR


Name a better love story than VAR and controversy, we'll wait.

Whether you're a supporter of VAR or absolutely hate the concept, there can be no denying that the system has brought an extra level of drama to some of the biggest games in the sport.

From Raheem Sterling being denied a last gasp winner against Spurs to Neymar looking absolutely perplexed before Manchester United's penalty, you know that madness is guaranteed.

However, potential detractions from fan experience and a plethora of aborted celebrations mean there are still plenty of teething problems and critics of the technology remain abundant.

And for those who are still unsure about VAR as it arrives in the Premier League, there are still plenty of other competitions that haven't FIFA's new concept quite yet.

Bolivian Primera Division

In fact, if you fancy yourself a more old-fashioned football experience, perhaps you should buy yourself a return flight to South America and enjoy the Bolivian Primera Division.

That being said, nobody seemed to tell referee Raul Orosco that VAR hadn't been introduced yet and that was clear to see during a recent game between Club Always Ready and Bolivar. 

Club Always Ready (and yes, that is their real name) were trailing 1-0 going into the final moments of extra-time, when they launched a penalty appeal for a high challenge in the area.


VAR chaos in the last minute

Orosco discussed with the fourth official and then, sensationally, made a VAR gesture on his way back to the box. Realising his error, he pulled out half way through and put his finger to his ear.

The match quickly descended into chaos and with riot police trying to contain the situation, it wasn't until 106th minute that William Ferreira actually stepped up to take the penalty.

Just to make the scenario even more farcical, one Bolivar player encroached so badly that he was in line with the taker when Ferreira completed the run-up and saw his spot kick saved. 

However, perhaps in the best interest of avoiding anymore anarchy, there was to be no re-take and Bolivar managed to hang on to their 1-0 victory.

We're pretty sure that Orosco just had something of a brain-freeze when he gestured for VAR, but it certainly didn't help his case when the penalty was already controversy.

But that doesn't justify the game descending into chaos, sparking scenes for which South American football in particular has sadly gained a reputation. 


The sooner VAR is introduced in Bolivia, however, the sooner these kind of skirmishes can be put to bed and then Orosco can gesture away on the pitch as much as he likes.

What's the weirdest VAR moment that you've ever seen? Have your say in the comments section below.

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