A company is looking for a ‘Premier League pie tester’ for the 2019/20 season

Do you like pies? Probably, right? Most people do.

Do you like watching Premier League football? You’re on GiveMeSport.com, so almost certainly.

What about watching games for free while eating pies? Well, that might just be your dream.

And so have we found the right job for you – although, we should probably tell you that it’s not an actual job and you don’t get paid, you literally just eat pies at football matches for free.

Regardless, a company is on the hunt for a ‘Premier League Pie Tester’ for the 2019/20 season.

It’s the position that many fans have dreamed about their entire lives and now, thanks to Freesupertips.com, it’s finally here.

This isn’t a ‘job’ that even requires any kind of pie-eating CV you may have written up.

But then if you ever have sat down and constructed a pie-eating CV, chances are you’re not allowed within 100 yards of a football ground anyway.

So the way it works is you upload a photo of you at a football match OR eating a pie and use the Twitter hashtag #PremierLeaguePieTaster.

The ‘OR’ is key there – you’d presume that a photo of you eating a pie while at a football match would score you bonus points, although that isn’t stated.

Instead, ‘The winner will be picked at random by Free Super Tips employees’, according to their website.

And that lucky person will be given tickets to games over the course of the season and paid the expenses for a single pie at every ground.

They’re then required to ‘report back to Free Super Tips with their findings’ – as any true scientist would – and rank said pies, eventually crowning the undisputed king of Premier League pies.

So ‘pie scientist’, basically.

Here’s the link again. Chase your dreams.

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