Football fan has made a Harry Maguire montage to show he's worth £80 million

Cambridge United v Leicester City - Pre-Season Friendly

Harry Maguire moving for £80 million will always sound a little strange.

There has been eye-watering inflation in transfer fees this summer, but the fact that Maguire has been sold for more than Virgil van Dijk and Matthijs de Ligt just doesn't seem to sit right.

However, Manchester United were desperate to get their hands on Maguire and bowed down to Leicester City's valuation to ensure they made a marquee signing.

You'll struggle to find a Premier League fan who doesn't rate the Englishman, but it's the money involved - similarly to when Van Dijk first moved to Liverpool - that is causing all the debate.

Only time will tell whether Maguire makes that £80 million look like loose change, but he'll have to do everything in his power to overcome the pressure that will follow him at Old Trafford.

World's most expensive defender

Nevertheless, as with basically every signing for a top club, confirmation of the move has prompted a series of compilations to emerge on YouTube welcoming them to the new side.

While mash-ups of Maguire don't exactly involve incredible skills and jaw-dropping goals, they certainly highlight that United have captured one of Europe's most promising centre-backs.

And although there are many videos for fans to watch, one of the most popular has been created by 'ManieHD' and is intriguingly titled: "Harry Maguire Isn't Worth £80 Million? OK Watch This!"

Cambridge United v Leicester City - Pre-Season Friendly

Maguire compilation emerges

That's certainly a big statement and the YouTube compiled no less than 10 minute's worth of footage to corroborate the point - and with pretty exciting results.

The compilation features Maguire making last-ditch slide tackles, bulldozing players like Mohamed Salah to the floor and positively defending by dribbling out from the back.

United fans, try to contain yourselves and check out the full compilation down below:

Maguire has delivered some incredible moments of defending in just two seasons at Leicester.

They've made the wise decision not to include footage from his time at Hull City as, although Maguire was still showing potential then, it's his recent showings that vindicate the price.

It will also go down well that Maguire's goal against Liverpool, which arguably cost them the Premier League title, also made an appearance in the montage.


We'll let you decide whether the video shows that Maguire is indeed an £80 million, but it reiterates that he's probably the new number one centre-back for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

There will still be tonnes of pressure on the Englishman's shoulders this season; he'll just have to keep his head down, keep doing what he's been doing and it should all work out perfectly.

Do you think Maguire will be a success at Old Trafford? Have your say in the comments section below.

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