Samoa Joe didn't turn babyface on WWE Raw


Some fans may have thought that following last night's events on Monday Night Raw, Samoa Joe is now a babyface. However, that isn't the case according to reports.

Throughout Raw, Joe was waiting for Roman Reigns to arrive at the arena to confront him about being blamed for the attempted attack on The Big Dog last week on SmackDown Live.

When Reigns finally did arrive, The Destroyer went out to the parking lot to confront him when another car came out of nowhere and t-boned The Big Dog's car as he jumped inside of it to avoid the oncoming vehicle.

As for hit and run car drove away, Joe asked Reigns if he was alright as the show cut to a commercial break, but it was enough for fans to think Joe may have turned babyface at this moment.

However, according to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio, via Ringside News, this isn't the case, and there's a clear explanation behind it.

Meltzer explains that Joe asked Reigns if he was alright as he was in shock over what just happened. He was upset as he wasn't far away from the car running him over as well.


It's widely expected that Daniel Bryan will be revealed as the mastermind behind these recent attacks on The Big Dog and now that he's a heel of such horrifying proportions, even other heels are appalled by his actions.

That would explain why Joe looked concerned for Reigns in the parking lot on Raw after witnessing what happened with his own eyes.

As of writing, The Destroyer hasn't been booked for a match at SummerSlam, and it seems unlikely that he will be given the card is almost filled out.


However, WWE could change all that on SmackDown tonight, but besides Reigns, it's unclear as to who Joe would face on the show.

They could have him tag team alongside Reigns vs Bryan and Rowan, but that would be strange to see considering it wasn't too long ago that the two superstars couldn't stop throwing punches at each other.

We should get all the answers on SmackDown tonight since tonight's show will be the last show before SummerSlam this weekend.

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