Roman Reigns' mystery attacker is revealed as Rowan on SmackDown

Roman Reigns finds out that Rowan was his mystery attacker

Last week, SmackDown ended on a real cliffhanger as a ton of equipment looked to fall down and 'crush' Roman Reigns.

The Big Dog was on his way to tell backstage interviewer Kayla Braxton who he would be facing at SummerSlam when he was seemingly overwhelmed by the falling debris.

Reigns though came out of it unscathed, and we were still none the wiser as to who he would be facing at The Biggest Party of the Summer.

WWE spent much of the weekend uploading superstar statements from potential suspects, the likes of Drew McIntyre, Elias and Samoa Joe, all of whom denied involvement in the 'accident'.

And when Joe was threatening to shut down Monday Night Raw for being blamed by many, there was another attempt of an attack on Reigns in the parking lot as his car was smashed into.

The heel Joe looked visibly shocked and his character showed compassion, maybe for the first time ever.

But after a week of guessing who it may be, we found out on SmackDown who the culprit really was.

Roman Reigns is once again at the centre of one of WWE's most talked-about storylines

Fans had previously pointed out on social media that they saw Buddy Murphy walking away in the background when SmackDown was close to ending last week after the initial Reigns incident, so he was quizzed in the locker room after Reigns told everyone to leave.

When he refused to confess, the Aussie was thrown about until he gave Reigns a name, and he did just that by 'outing' Rowan as the attacker.

Yes, Daniel Bryan's insurance policy was outed, and it was one of the two that were suspected by fans in the first place.

It had been speculated in recent weeks that Reigns and Bryan would be going one-on-one at SummerSlam, but a match for Reigns still hasn't been announced.

It's been reported that Samoa Joe and Roman Reigns will team up at SummerSlam to take on Bryan and Rowan

But it is now thought that in a match which will be announced some time this week on social media, Reigns will surprisingly team up with Samoa Joe to take on Bryan and Rowan in Toronto, as said by talkSPORT's Alex McCarthy.

That would create an interesting dynamic of a face and heel working together but considering the Samoan heritage of both men, it makes a bit of sense why they'd come together to try and down the attackers of Reigns.

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