The new FIFA 20 VOLTA trailer is released and it looks sensational


FIFA fans who have long craved for an updated version of FIFA Street… your dreams are about to come true.

The latest version of FIFA will feature a VOLTA mode - and, well, it looks sensational.

A new trailer was released on Thursday afternoon and we just want EA Sports to take our money now.

FIFA 20 will be released on September 27 and the new VOLTA mode will be available to play immediately.

Purely for the new mode alone, it looks like the new version of FIFA will be well worth the money.

VOLTA will allow players to break away from the usual 11 v 11 action.

Instead, they can play 3-a-side, 4-a-side or 5-a-side games in a street football environment.


Among the 17 locations for a street match include a Tokyo rooftop with a DJ, an Amsterdam underpass and a Tokyo rooftop.


And to further whet the appetite, there will also be a story mode on VOLTA, as well as an online league.

Women can also play on the same pitch as the men - you’ll notice the US Women’s national team in the trailer, featuring Megan Rapinoe.

Watch the full trailer here...

Gamers can also turn the walls on or off, and even get rid of goalkeepers.

And if that wasn’t enough, gamers can also kit out their players in gear of their own choice before sending them out on to one of the ‘VOLTA playgrounds’.


There’s also an option to turn off the rules, guaranteeing brutal matches between you and your mates.

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