WWE are considering Roman Reigns v Buddy Murphy for SummerSlam

Roman Reigns and Buddy Murphy had a confrontation on SmackDown

It's perhaps surprising to many, but one of WWE's biggest pay-per-views is coming up and the face of the company currently doesn't have a match.

Roman Reigns has been eased back into his work since recovering from leukaemia once again, feuding with the likes of Drew McIntyre and Shane McMahon.

A new storyline crept up for him last week on SmackDown as falling debris from a forklift almost incapacitated him as he was about to reveal his SummerSlam match to Kayla Braxton.

WWE held a very public enquiry as several superstars put their 'not guilty' statements out on social media, and then on Raw a car smashed in to Reigns' vehicle as Samoa Joe tried to clear his name.

And whether it was the intended storyline or not, former Cruiserweight Champion Buddy Murphy was dragged into it after fans caught him in the background of the initial incident walking away - it's not clear whether or not this was the plan from the start from WWE.

Reigns roughed the Aussie star up in the locker room before he 'revealed' that the attacker was in-fact Rowan, something which Daniel Bryan strenuously denied in a backstage interview.

Roman Reigns does not yet have an opponent for SummerSlam

It looks like now Reigns may have a SummerSlam match after all, but it's not against Bryan, Rowan, or a tag match against them as rumours suggested he would team up with Samoa Joe.

WrestleVotes have stated that there has been backstage discussions from the creative team about adding Reigns v Murphy to the card, which is currently 10 matches strong.

Whilst admitting no decision has been made as to whether or not it will happen, it would be a great platform to give to Murphy as his SmackDown debut has been long overdue, not to mention a pay-per-view match that isn't for the Cruiserweight title.

He may get an opponent in Buddy Murphy though, who had an altercation with Reigns on SmackDown

Let's be honest, Reigns should really be getting a SummerSlam match and they could make a big star out of Murphy if WWE have Bryan reveal himself as the actual attacker, distracting or attacking Reigns in order to help Murphy get a big victory.

That's just fantasy booking at this point, but keep your eyes peeled on WWE's social media accounts to see if it is announced in the next few days.

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