Zlatan Ibrahimovic criticises the MLS playoff system

Real Salt Lake v Los Angeles Galaxy

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is supposed to be enjoying the twilight years of his career earning good money in the United States.

However, you get the impression the Swede, who plays for LA Galaxy, isn’t quite satisfied with the MLS.

The striker has already claimed that he is the MLS by saying: “I don’t want to be too critical or something because the MLS will punish me but I am MLS so don’t worry about it."

Then, he claimed he was 'like a Ferrari among Fiats' when describing his ability compared to opponents.

He also appeared to disrespect the league when a reporter asked if he was better than LAFC’s Carlos Vela.

“By far, because if he's in his prime. How old is he? Twenty-nine. And he's playing in MLS and he's in his prime. When I was 29 [I was in Europe]. Big difference."

And now he’s done again.

Zlatan didn’t hold back when asked about the MLS playoff system.


In the MLS they use a playoff system to crown the champion with the top seven teams from the Western and Eastern Conferences – which consist of 12 teams in each division – progressing.

While it may be exciting for fans, Zlatan really doesn’t like it.

"I think the system is s***," Ibrahimovic told reporters in Los Angeles. "How can you learn mentality if you only have to reach the playoffs?"

"You just need to win the play-offs, and that's it. The results in each game are important, but here, if you come in seventh place, you make the playoffs and win, you are champion.

"For me, the mentality is every day, training the way you train is the way you play a game, and with the MLS system, how do you create that mentality to be in your toes 24 hours? It’s very difficult."

Real Salt Lake v Los Angeles Galaxy

You’d think that he may actually be in favour of it considering his LA Galaxy side are currently fifth in the Western Conference and 15 points adrift of the league-leaders, rivals Los Angeles FC.

Ibrahimovic himself, though, has scored 16 goals in 18 appearances this year after scoring 22 goals in 27 matches in his first MLS season.

With statistics like that, maybe he is the MLS after all…

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