Goldberg was paid well into seven-figures for WWE Super ShowDown match


Since WWE's deal with Saudi Arabia began last year, the shows which have taken place in the Kingdom have been high-paying for the legends of the past who participate.

The money which superstars from the past get paid for wrestling at the Saudi Arabia shows can be incredible amounts thanks to the money which the Saudi deal provides for WWE.

According to reports, Goldberg received a nice payday for his match against The Undertaker at Super ShowDown back in April.

While the exact figure is unknown, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, via Wrestling Inc, has reported that the WCW icon was paid well into the seven-figures.

They noted that Goldberg was said to be paid considerably more than he was under his one-year contract in WWE from 2003-2004, which was for a $1 million downside for eight dates per month.

However, the Saudi payday was still less than his WCW contract, which was for $3 million per year at his peak.

Put those two together and his earnings for Super ShowDown are in the $1-$3 million range for just that one match. No wonder he came out of retirement.


It's unclear as to how much Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker were paid for their involvement in WWE's Saudi shows over the past year, but it was clearly enough to bring HBK out of retirement after years of stating he was done with wrestling.

Brock Lesnar was likely paid more since he's currently making more money from wrestling per year than just about any other wrestler in history.

WWE fans will remember the Super ShowDown show, not because of the money Goldberg and Undertaker were paid, but due to the terrible botched-filled match the two had in the ring.


While Taker has corrected that mistake at Extreme Rules last month, Goldberg will have his chance to do the same at SummerSlam this weekend when he takes on Dolph Ziggler.

This might not be the only match WWE has in store for the WCW icon either, as Wrestling Inc has reported that the idea behind Goldberg right now is to push him similar to how Bruno Sammartino was at the end of his career.

That means Goldberg will be a the top guy who comes around once or twice a year for a grudge match, which is made out to be a huge deal.

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