Triple H on NXT possibly moving to Fox and going live

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When AEW goes live with their weekly show on TNT in October on Wednesday nights, it will go head to head with WWE's NXT on the WWE Network.

As a result, there's speculation that suggests WWE could look to counter-program AEW by moving NXT to Fox Sports on FS1.

The report suggests as well that NXT would become a live show in order to compete with AEW. 

While this move isn't confirmed by WWE, the rumours are strong enough for Triple H to comment about it during a recent NXT conference call.

He said, via Wrestling Inc: "Contrary to what I've heard, because you hear people speculate and I've seen the conversations around FS1 or whatever it is with NXT and all that stuff, and then immediately, people come in with counter-programming talk.

"We have content all over the place, and if people want to talk about counter-programming and bring that up in the conversation - like, Wednesday has been the home of NXT forever. Right? That's where it's sat; it's been on our network on a Wednesday's time slot now forever.

"And when other people announce [their show] on Wednesday, you don't hear talk about counter-programming. You just hear, 'the announcement'. For us, everything is 'counter-programming' and it's this and it's that - We plan things long in advance.

"We worry about doing our business and that's really what we worry about, so, [I've been giving] cryptic talk because there's a lot of thoughts and possibilities.


"And that's the great thing about it is that we can do just about anything, it is about what is best for WWE, and this business, and how does it affect the fans in the way that is the most meaningful to them."

If a move to FS1 was going to happen for NXT, one would think it would be announced in the next few weeks in order to hype up the move, so perhaps NXT is staying put for now.

FS1 would certainly provide WWE with a much larger audience than what they receive on their own network, but we'll just have to wait and see if WWE is willing to pull the trigger.

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