FIFA 20 will include kneeling headers in VOLTA mode and they are the ultimate humiliation


If you've ever played FIFA, the chances are you've either broken - or thought about breaking a controller. 

There are certain things in the game that can infuriate the player, whether that be cut-back goals, dodgy tackling or that ridiculous dab celebration. 

If you've become familiar with the classic 'rage quit' over the years then we've got some bad news, because FIFA 20 will include a feature that will quickly become unbearable.

In the VOLTA game mode, players will be able to score with 'kneeling headers'. EA Sports describe it as a 'unique finishing move' but lets be honest, it's going to result in a lot of broken controllers. 

Imagine being 4-0 down and desperate for the game to finish when your opponent gets on his knees to head the ball into your net. It's the ultimate humiliation. 

To execute the kneeling header, you'll need to press L2+R2 + push RS forward on PS4. That's LT + RT + RS forward on Xbox One. 

Check out the cheeky finishing move below. 

As if the kneeling headers weren't enough, FIFA have also added another way to humiliate your opponents.  

'Street exclusive' taunts can be used to show off while playing VOLTA and according to EA, they don’t have any influence on gameplay, but can just be used to show off your confidence.

Those can be performed by simply pressing R2/RT while standing still, so expect to see an awful lot of taunting online. 

The new details were confirmed earlier this week when FIFA 20's VOLTA mode was announced in detail. 

Check out the trailer below, which shows off new 3-a-side, 4-a-side, 5-a-side and futsal game modes, as well as new tricks, arenas and celebrations. 

Are you looking forward to trying VOLTA on FIFA 20? Have your say in the comments below. 

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