Microsoft are designing a 4K handheld Xbox that connects to your smartphone


Imagine being on the bus or the train and playing the full version of FIFA or Call of Duty on your mobile phone.

This may sound like space-age fantasy, but it could become a reality in the not-too-distant future.

It’s been revealed that Microsoft are currently working on a new device which has the potential to change gaming as we know it.

Microsoft, per, have filed a patent for a new hand-held Xbox device.

According to the patent application, which was submitted on 9 July, the Xbox hand-held attaches to an existing touchscreen device - like your smartphone, which is also charged when being used.

The joypads are clipped to the phone case, creating more immersive, console-like gaming in the process.

It’s currently unclear whether the new ‘console’ would play mobile games, or streaming console-quality titles from Xbox Live.

But with the arrival of 5G, it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that gamers will be able to play the full version of their favourite games on their smartphones thanks to this exciting new device, which will offer an alternative hand-held gaming experience to the Nintendo Switch.

The following drawing was included in the patent filed by Microsoft...


Sarang Sheth, editor of Yanko Design, has created a series of eye-catching renders based on the patent applications.

Named the ‘Xbox Cloud’ by Sheth, gamers are in for a treat if the final product looks something like this…


The renders show a device that splits in two and connects to either side of your smartphone when placed on its side.

It features all of the buttons you’d see on original Xbox controllers, including the left and right triggers on the top, as well as the usual ABXY buttons and thumb sticks.

There’s also a headphone jack and stereo speakers for a fully immersive audile experience.


"It's pretty certain that Microsoft isn't just taking on Google's Stadia with its own cloud-based gaming service,” Sheth is quoted as saying by LadBible.

"[It] is also going gung-ho into the hardware side of things too, with detachable controllers you can clip to your phone for the most portable Xbox experience ever imagined!

"Based on patented designs, these conceptual Xbox Cloud controllers give us an idea of what the real thing would feel like.

"Two controller-halves clip onto either side of the phone, turning it into a handheld gaming console, complete with everything you need to play Xbox's signature titles."

We can only hope that this device becomes a reality.

Make it happen, Microsoft!

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