Hull City fan threatened to be kicked out of stadium for breaking 'anti-texting rule'

Hull City v Newcastle United - Premier League

We’ve all been there; attending a football match and texting a mate with updates.

However, those days might be over.

That’s because one Hull City fan was doing that yesterday during his side’s 2-1 win over Reading on Saturday afternoon.

Daniel Mawer (@skintnortherner) has posted a Twitter thread explaining exactly what happened to him as he tried to ‘text score updates and opinions’ to mates.

We’ll let him tell the story…

He starts off "Today, at half time I was told by an ‘undercover security guard’ that if I continued to text about the football match at the KCOM stadium I’d be ejected from the ground."

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Then, another Hull fan attempted to provide some further information by letting Daniel Mawer that he spotting the 'undercover security guard'

He wrote: "He was in the West Upper in the first half. Looked like he as using binoculars. I thought it was odd to then see him, when I went to the concourse just before the half time whistle, talking to a steward in the E4 stairwell.


Sounds crazy, right?

Imagine getting kicked out of a stadium for texting!?

It even captured the attention of Match of the Day presenter Gary Lineker who simple quote tweeted the thread saying: This is nuts.’


Whether or not this ‘new rule’ will be enforced in grounds around the UK this season remains to be seen.

But you may want to think twice before sending your mate a quick text to let him know your side have just scored.

But this was probably just a case of security being a little bit too 'jobsworth' during the first home game of the season.

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