Bradford City fans sing Harry Maguire chant at steward working for Grimsby Town

  • Rob Swan

Harry Maguire might be the most expensive defender of all time, but his teammates and fans will continue taking the mickey out of his head.

The 26-year-old, who completed his £80 million move to Manchester United from Leicester City this summer, is affectionately referred to as ‘Slabhead’.

This nickname was, of course, given to him by none other than Jamie Vardy.

However, The Sun are reporting that Maguire has a new nickname from his Man Utd teammates: Dennis The Menace.

They apparently reckon that Maguire looks like the comic book character and there’s certainly a resemblance.

Maguire also has one of the best chants in football, which may be sung by United fans for the first time when he makes his competitive debut against Chelsea on Sunday afternoon.

It goes like this: “Harry Maguire, Harry Maguire, he drinks the vodka, he drinks the jaeger, his head's f***ing massive!”

Although it’s a funny chant, you probably wouldn’t want it sung directly at you - like one poor bloke who was working as a steward for Saturday’s League Two match between Grimsby Town and Bradford City at Blundell Park.


The steward, who looks a bit like Man Utd’s new No. 5 from a distance, had to stand facing the crowd while the Bradford fans chanted the Maguire song directly at him.

Watch the video here...

Credit to the man, though, who clearly saw the funny side.

He can be seen smiling in the video while shaking his, ahem, rather large bonce.


His colleagues, meanwhile, stood and sat beside him stony-faced.

They were presumably trying their best not to laugh.

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