Matt Riddle came face-to-face with Goldberg backstage at SummerSlam

Matt Riddle

After his disastrous Super Showdown match against The Undertaker back in June, Goldberg wanted to return to the WWE ring to erase the bad taste he had left over.

And he certainly did that at SummerSlam, defeating Dolph Ziggler in a brief match, but this one had no botches and the Show-Off was more-than willing to put the Hall of Famer over.

But Ziggler wasn't the only contracted WWE superstar that Goldberg had his eyes on that night, as he finally came face-to-face with NXT star Matt Riddle.

It all started with Riddle's comments over the Super ShowDown match, as he posted his thoughts on Twitter.

Riddle called Goldberg the 'worst wrestler in the business' and mocked his attempt of a kneebar on Taker.

He then re-iterated his stance a week later when he spoke to talkSPORT, calling him 'terrible' and he had never been a fan of his.

Considering he blocked Riddle for previous comments made years before, Goldberg wouldn't have seen all the commotion he was causing unless someone informed him about it.

The two finally had words with each other backstage at SummerSlam though as Riddle told-all on the WWE Watch Along programme.

Goldberg defeated Dolph Ziggler at SummerSlam, but also came face-to-face with Matt Riddle

“He goes, ‘we got some talking to do!’ And I’m like, ‘well we can talk anytime bro!’ He’s like, ‘yeah?’ And I’m like, ‘yeah!’ And I was like, ‘alright, bro, anytime.’ And he’s like, ‘I’m not your bro!’ And I’m like, ‘Alright, bro. Take it easy. whatever’

"And then he’s like, ‘yeah, we’ll see. I’ll see ya later. And hey, it was a pleasure meeting you.’ And I go, ‘the pleasure was all mine, bro.’ And then he goes, ‘I’m not your bro.’ And then I walked away, I had to come here.”

So it was a lot of nothing really - no fisti-cuffs, no threats, nothing, but Goldberg apparently telling Riddle that he's 'not his bro' is somewhat hilarious.

And the fact that Pat McAfee revealed the encounter was filmed by WWE will make the footage extremely interesting when it comes out eventually.

Maybe we will find out from Riddle if they caught up after the show considering Goldberg said they have 'some talking to do', but the King of Bros is probably pitching a match to WWE creative somewhere right about now.

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