Referee goes viral after being hit by 30-yard pass from Malcom

Malcom managed to hit the referee with a pass

Malcom has been in the headlines since making the €40 million move from Barcelona to Zenit St Petersburg this summer.

The Brazilian forward made his debut last week but was the target of abuse from his own fans.

Supporters of the Russian club held up a banner during the game saying: “Thanks to the leadership for loyalty to the traditions.”

This was in reference to the club's 'tradition' of not signing black players.

He was trending on Twitter once again in his second appearance for the club thanks to the actions of Evgeny Turbin.

Turbin, the referee for Zenit vs Dyano Moscow, stopped play in the 56th minute to book Kirill Panchenko.

Malcom had the ball on the other side of the pitch and kicked the ball over so the free-kick could be taken.

However, he accidentally managed to hit the referee on the chest.

Many referees would respond by showing Malcom a card, even though he did not intend to hit him.

Malcom left Barcelona this summer

But not Turbin.

The Russian referee gave him an intense death stare which lasted for around 10 seconds.

But he then raised his thumb to acknowledge that Malcom hit him unintentionally.

Watch the moment below:

Comedy gold. He's become an internet sensation for his actions and has gone viral on Twitter.

Malcom must have been fearing that he may be shown a red card but fortunately Turbin let him off.

Meanwhile, Zenit supporters have released a statement insisting they are not racist after their banner directed at Malcom.

“We are not racist and for us the absence of black players is just an important tradition, emphasising the identity of the club and nothing more,” the statement said, per the Independent.

FC Zenit Saint Petersburg vs PFC CSKA Moscow - Russian Premier League

“We, as the northernmost club of the major European cities, have never been mentally connected with Africa, however, as with South America or Australia or Oceania.

“We have absolutely nothing against the inhabitants of these or any other continents, but at the same time we want players who are close in spirit to speak for Zenit.

“Now, black players for Zenit are being forced almost by force, and this causes only backlash. Let us be what we are.”

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