Alex Scott defends herself after questioning if Lionel Messi would get in Man City's team

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Sky Sports presenter Alex Scott caused quite a stir on Goals on Sunday as she appeared to question whether Lionel Messi would get into Manchester City's team.

Messi is widely regarded as the best player in the world, if not of all time, yet Scott suggested the Argentine wouldn't suit City's style of play.

City play with high intensity, both defensively and going forward, whereas Messi likes to pick and choose his moments.

Chris Kamara was in no doubt that Messi would get into City's team, as was former Crystal Palace manager Alan Pardew, but Scott seemed to have her doubts.

Here's how the conversation went down, with a video further below (see at 2:07).

KAMARA: "Somebody said to be the other day would Messi fit into that (City's) team, and I said Messi would fit into anybody's team."

SCOTT: "With Messi's levels, do you think Pep [Guardiola] would have him in that team?"

KAMARA: "I don't think you ever turn down a Lionel Messi. You play him whatever football club you're at, in my opinion. Not yours?"

SCOTT: "I don't know. I went to see Barcelona play Manchester United in the Champions League and Messi's game has evolved differently.

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"He was actually spending most of his time... he knew when to come into the game and when to stay out of it. It was as if he was saving himself.

"Just looking at how Pep plays the game now, everyone is high press, 100%, tempo. So I don't know whether that would just be a question.

"Yes I understand, Messi is Messi, he's going to win you games, but just seeing how every single player for City is pressing, closing down, it's a different tempo."

Pardew responded by saying Barcelona's front three never defend and that Messi is such a great player he would be able to adapt to anything.

But Scott's comments saw her come under fire from football fans and forced the 34-year-old to defend herself on Twitter.

"Would 'today's' Messi fit into the Manchester City team? Of course he could," wrote Scott.

"But the point on the show, which I thought would be interesting to start a debate, was would Pep have to change City's high intensity style of play to fit Messi in? And if so, would he?"


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