Sasha Banks hit Becky Lynch in the back of the head with chair shot on Raw

Sasha Banks hits Becky Lynch with a chair

Some thought she may never return, but Sasha Banks finally showed her face on Monday Night Raw last night.

Four months after her last WWE appearance at WrestleMania 35, The Boss strutted down to the ring with her usual swagger like nothing had happened, and consoled Natalya after she got emotional over the first anniversary of the passing of her father, Jim Neidhart.

But the fans got the heel turn they have long wanted from Banks, as she clocked Nattie in the face and beat her up.

The Canadian would be saved by the Raw Women's Champion Becky Lynch, but even the Lasskicker couldn't stop herself from being on the receiving end of a Banks beatdown.

The new blue-haired Banks brutalised Lynch with a steel chair, and it looks like we could be gearing up towards a huge feud between the two former Horsewomen.

Eagle-eyed fans on social media though caught something interesting though when watching fan-footage of Banks repeatedly striking Lynch with the chair.

At one point, Banks seems to hit Lynch in the back of the head - unintentionally of course - and of course head strikes are not allowed anymore due to concussion protocols.

Seems like it's not just one person's fault for the accidental hit - Lynch seems to bring her head back a bit too far as Banks continues striking on the same path.

To the naked eye it may not even seem like Becky was hit in the head, but the way she grabbed it immediately after indeed indicates that at least part of the chair struck her in the head.

Sasha Banks returned to WWE with a vengeance, and as a heel

The Irishwoman clearly seems to think Banks has done something wrong though, indicating in a Twitter post that 'receipts are coming' for The Boss - which means that she's going to hit back harder for Banks going stiff.

It doesn't seem like Becky is too hurt though, and you have to wonder if this is going to be her next title feud.

Some would say it should be saved for a major pay-per-view - maybe even WrestleMania - but potential challengers for Becky's belt are few and far between.

And judging by the initial crowd reactions of them getting physical last night, it's safe to say the fans would be well behind Becky Lynch against Sasha Banks in the near future.

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