GQ test to see if an average guy can score a free-kick against a professional goalkeeper

How do you think you’d get on in a professional football match?

Chances are it wouldn’t go so well and you’ll be made to remember just why you stopped playing in your teens.

The difference between an amateur and a professional is stark. They’re quicker, stronger, more technically adept and, unlike many of us, can play for 90 minutes without getting a stitch.

But wouldn’t it be interesting to see just how you’d do at the highest level?

That’s what GQ have done in the latest episode of their Above Average Joe series.

GQ’s Clay Skipper has little football ability. He even admits to having his goal-kicks taken for him when he played as a ‘keeper during his youth.

But he was tasked with scoring a free-kick past a professional goalkeeper.

Clay has five days to learn how to take a free-kick, getting assistance from MLS professionals, before attempting to score past New York Red Bulls goalkeeper Ryan Meara.

To help him in his challenge, Clay has training with New York City FC duo Anton Tinnerholm and Alex Ring. They teach him the basic technique required to score a free-kick.

He then meets New York Red Bulls midfielder Daniel Royer, who explains the keys to hitting the ball just where he wants it to go.

Then comes the day of the challenge.

Clay gets 11 opportunities to score a free-kick from 21 yards past Meara.

Check out how he got on in the video.

So Clay was successful.

He scored with his ninth attempt, curling a beauty over the wall and into the back of the net.

It was an impressive shot. Meara didn’t stand much of a chance, even admitting it was a “textbook free-kick”.

So, what do you reckon – could you score a free-kick past a professional goalkeeper?

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