Bray Wyatt's head lantern removed from his WWE SummerSlam entrance


One of the most impressive moments of WWE SummerSlam was when Bray Wyatt made his entrance as The Fiend for his match vs Finn Balor.

This was the first time fans got a look at The Fiend making his way to the ring, as prior to this moment, fans had only witnessed him either on the titantron or appear in the ring out of thin air.

During the entrance, WWE fans got a good look at an amazing lantern on the ring apron that was shaped as Wyatt's own head. However, fans won't find this lantern on The Fiend's entrance video on WWE's YouTube channel.

Not long after Wyatt's entrance video was released on WWE's YouTube, it was pulled and edited in a way not to include the head lantern, as well as his titantron video.

During a recent Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez speculated as to why WWE might be altering the way fans see The Fiend, but he urged fans not to read too much into the changes right now.

Alvarez said, via Ringside News: "All I can tell you is I’ve asked several people about this and nobody heard anything about the lantern not being a part of the act.

"In fact, one person told me I guess it’s gonna be part of like his whatever you call it action figure or whatever they’re producing these lanterns.

“So, anyway, I think everyone’s reading too much into this, but I mean we’ll know soon enough. If he shows up again with no head lantern we’ll know, but I wouldn’t be writing it off yet.”


As of writing, it's unclear as to why The Fiend's entrance video was edited. Perhaps WWE was forced to edit the video due to YouTube's guidelines of content since the head lantern isn't exactly the most pleasant thing to look it.

As Alvarez says, fans will just have to stay tuned for the next time The Fiend makes an entrance to the ring to see if the head lantern is still present, or if it actually has gone away for good.

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