UEFA say goalkeepers will only be penalised for leaving their line by VAR if 'clear and obvious'

Adrian saved Tammy Abraham's penalty, but did he do it illegally?

VAR has already been the subject of numerous debates in 2019.

During the Women's World Cup in the summer, Scotland goalkeeper Lee Alexander was on the receiving end of an extremely harsh call.

She was penalised for coming off her line to save a penalty from Argentina striker Florencia Bonsegundo and a re-take was ordered.

Bonsegundo scored to make it 3-3, which eliminated Scotland from the tournament. While it was a controversial call, the new laws were implemented correctly.

But it's the lack of consistency from the technology which is sparking a lot of the debate.

Last night in the UEFA Super Cup, Liverpool goalkeeper Adrian was clearly off his line before Tammy Abraham's penalty, which the Chelsea man missed, handing the trophy to the Reds.

Still images of Adrian off his line quickly popped up all over social media, forcing UEFA to address the issue.

And the governing body's response sheds further lights on the issues with VAR right now.

Roberto Rosetti, UEFA's Chief Refereeing Officer, stated before the match that goalkeepers will only be penalised for coming off their line if the error is 'clear and obvious'.

Could they not spot the daylight between Adrian's boots and the line then?

The same levels of strictness and attention to detail need to be applied consistently, otherwise there will be continuous uproar.

While most football fans agree that the new penalty laws are ridiculous, the fact they're not being enforced properly is arguably even more irritating.

Adrian saved the crucial penalty in the shootout

This is certainly not the last we will hear about VAR and goalkeepers coming off their lines this season...

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