The worst spelling mistakes on football shirts after Chelsea's Jorginho gaffe


Jorghino delivered one of his finest performances for Chelsea during the UEFA Super Cup final.

Notice anything wrong there? If you're the Chelsea kit-man, the answer to that question is probably 'no', because the Italian took to the field on Wednesday night with a spelling error on his shirt.

For whatever reason, the 'h' in his name had been brought forward by two letters and it didn't take long for football fans to realise the gaffe.

Naturally, supporters were pretty merciless with their responses and while we're all susceptible to typos every now and then, you'd like to think they would have double-checked before printing.

That, and the fact that Jorginho isn't the hardest name to spell in the world, nor has he just joined Chelsea this summer. Ah well, we'll let them off.

Footballing typos

Besides, the Chelsea staff aren't the first club to make an embarrassing spelling error on a football kit and it most certainly isn't the worst that we've seen.

So, allow us to take you through a short history of embarrassing kit mistakes and draw up a starting XI of players who took to the pitch wearing a different name than their own.

You're also going to have to forgive us for producing a somewhat top-heavy team because it appears that midfielders and attackers are, for whatever reason, more liable to spelling gaffes.

Goalkeeper: Tomasz Zuszczak

Sorry what? On what planet does a name beginning with a clear 'C/K' sound evolve into a 'Z'?


Defence: John S'hea

This might be the greatest mistake of them all. Per the Guardian, this is the name that O'Shea wore during a stellar Champions League clash with Real Madrid and the only disappointment is that nobody snapped a decent photograph of it.

John O'Shea of Manchester United passes the ball

Midfield: David Beckam

Well, you can't fault them for spelling it correctly in terms of the phonetics, but we're not sure this is how Beckham wanted to spend his first United match in the iconic number 7 shirt.


Midfield: David Betnley

Another one of the worst. We probably would have played the game topless if we were Bentley here. 


Midfield: Andesron

We know Anderson was a pretty bad player for United, but there was no need to butcher his shirt.


Midfield: Jorghino

Well, we had to include the most recent example and Jorginho had the ignominy of scoring in a European final with this bodged name on his back.


Midfield: Steven Gerrrd

We're pretty sure somebody at LA Galaxy fell asleep on the keyboard for this one.


Striker: Zlatan Irbahimovic

Ok, seriously, what's going on in California?


Striker: Roque Satna Cruz

Whoever worked in the Blackburn laundry when this mistake was made is clearly still bitter about their parents telling them Santa Claus isn't real. That's our best guess, anyway.


Striker: Marko Arnoutovic

No wonder he was so desperate to leave West Ham this year.


Striker: Ole Gunnar Solksjaer

To be fair, when Solskjaer was given the United job last December, we needed to double-check our spellings in the following days. If only the kit-man at Old Trafford did the same thing.


What do you think is the worst spelling error in football history? Have your say in the comments section below.

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