Daniel Cormier could join WWE if Stipe Miocic fight at UFC 241 is his last bout

Daniel Cormier

Daniel Cormier will walk into the Honda Center in Anaheim this weekend knowing that it may be the final time he ever stands in the Octagon.

The current heavyweight champion of the world always said he wanted to retire by the time he was 40, and if a super-fight with Brock Lesnar happened earlier this year then that could very well have already happened.

But it's been nearly five months now since his 40th birthday and he's still champion, and will go up against the man that he took the title from in July 2018 - Stipe Miocic.

Cormier hasn't denied that this will be his last fight, but he hasn't confirmed it either. He has stated though that he wants to spend more time at home with his family, something that training camps don't allow him to do.

His broadcasting work would continue though, but there's a chance that he may not be broadcasting for UFC.

Cormier was supposed to have an audition as a WWE commentator in late 2018, but his fight against Derrick Lewis put a stop to that.

With SmackDown's move to FOX though in October, and them wanting a more sports-orientated feel to the show, recruiting a wrestler and world-class athlete like Cormier could prove a big move.

Daniel Cormier may be getting ready for his last-ever UFC fight

A WWE source confirmed to Bleacher Report's Jeremy Botter that they are incredibly interested in bringing Cormier in, and he even met Triple H on the red carpet of the ESPY's last month and they had a discussion.

In regards to stepping into the squared circle like Ronda Rousey has done and Cain Velasquez did a few weeks ago, Cormier has said he's not prepared to do that.

"It's just not easy, man. Don't be crazy and think that because you're doing professional wrestling, you're not getting beat up," Cormier said, per Bleacher Report.

There's a good chance Cormier will be coming to WWE as a commentator, which is where Brock Lesnar also resides

"You're getting beat up, man. Professional wrestling has always interested me, but the reality is it's more time-consuming than anything I do in my life right now. And I couldn't possibly be able to do that."

Looks like we won't see Lesnar v Cormier at all even if DC does join forces with WWE - he will be sticking right behind a desk and not climbing between the ropes.

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