Goldberg says he would be 'content' if he never stepped inside a wrestling ring again


Two months ago, Goldberg vowed that he would consign the bad taste that lingered from Super ShowDown to the history books when he next stepped foot in a WWE ring.

Such was the negativity surrounding his match with The Undertaker in Saudi Arabia, fans were calling for both men to retire after a disastrous showing.

But it could've only helped the WCW legend that Taker came back out quickly just a month later, and tagged with Roman Reigns at Extreme Rules and looked better than he had done in years.

In the weeks following Extreme Rules, Dolph Ziggler noticeably started name-dropping Goldberg in some of his promos, and it all led to a match at SummerSlam this past Sunday.

Goldberg won in decisive and quick fashion, and hit a Jackhammer which looked smooth and clean - which you'd expect if you're not concussed and not lifting someone up who is heavier than you.

All-in-all, the plan worked. Goldberg got his smile back, and Ziggler did a great job of putting him over.

So what's next for the Hall of Famer? Nothing wrestling related, that's for sure.

Speaking to Booker T on his Hall of Fame podcast, Goldberg indicated that he may be done with wrestling forever after his victory in Toronto.

Bill Goldberg says he would be 'content' with never wrestling again in his career

"I’d be content never stepping foot back in the ring again but you know, I don’t know man. It’s not something I aspire to do but, it’s something I aspire - I don’t know. I have no idea. I really don’t," said Goldberg, per Fightful.

Doesn't sound like he's desperate to come back at all, and he's simply done the job of getting the bad feeling of Saudi Arabia out of his system.

I think we speak for a lot of people who would like to see him face Matt Riddle after his continuous bad-mouthing recently, but it's probably never, ever going to occur.

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