Reddit thread discusses the 'biggest myth in football'

Chelsea's Frank Lampard gets a shot past

Football is all about opinions.

You may think one thing about a certain player or club, while your mate might have a completely different opinion.

It’s what makes the beautiful game so beautiful.

If all fans agreed, football chats down the pub would be a bit boring.

But what is the biggest myth in football? A widely-held opinion that you completely disagree with.

That question has been posted on Reddit and it’s got plenty of fans thinking.

Here is what some Reddit users came up with (Remember, these are opinions that people disagree with):

Myth: “N'Golo Kante is a holding mid.”

Explanation: “The guy is a B2B and has always been one, and an excellent one at that. His role is not the same as Makelele's was. The only similarities are that they're both short, and they're French.”


Myth: “Newcastle is a 'special unique club’”

Explanation: "Contrary to popular opinion they are not the only club in the country who love their f**king goalscorers. Who doesn't?!

Newcastle United v Liverpool FC - Premier League

Myth: “The Premier League blows other leagues out of the water in terms of competitiveness.”

Myth: “Man United are the biggest club in the world.”

Myth: “Scholes is better than Lampard and Gerrard.”


Myth: “When football goes home, it's going back to England.”

Myth: “Michael Carrick was a ‘good’ footballer.”

Explanation: "The only thing he could ever do was pass the ball a short distance - probably one of the most basic things footballers are expected to be able to do. Of course, the common argument is something like, 'simplicity is just his style', but in reality, he was just an average, boring player."

Manchester United v Watford - Premier League

Myth: “Guardiola is a better manager than Mourinho.”


So, what is the biggest myth in football?

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