The top 10 funniest Jurgen Klopp moments during his time at Liverpool


Jurgen Klopp has been at Liverpool for almost four years now and it’s fair to say that he’s turned the fans from ‘doubters’ into ‘believers.’

That was the German’s aim upon his arrival at Anfield.

He’s certainly done that, transforming a Europa League side into European champions and genuine title challengers.

And he’s done it in his own special way.

Klopp has made us laugh throughout his four years in this country.

Following Liverpool’s Super Cup victory on Wednesday night, he did his best ‘Rocky’ impression down the camera, screaming ‘ADRIAN’ in tribute to his goalkeeper’s penalty shootout heroics.

And it got us thinking: What are Klopp’s funniest moments during his time at Liverpool?

Well, we’ve decided to rank his 10 funniest moments on Merseyside:

10 | Wearing Cristiano Ronaldo pants

Georginio Wijnaldum recently revealed that Klopp was spotted wearing Cristiano Ronaldo pants ahead of the Champions League final against Ronaldo’s Real Madrid in Kiev.

We saw he was wearing the boxer shorts of Cristiano Ronaldo," the Dutchman told The Athletic.  "He did the meeting with his shirt stuffed inside his 'CR7' boxers. The whole changing room was on the floor laughing their heads off."


9 | “F**king giants”

After Liverpool beat Barcelona 4-0 to reach the Champions League final last season, Klopp just needed to swear to describe his group of players.

“It’s ten past ten. Most children are probably in bed. These boys are f****** giants!”

8 | “That’s a very erotic voice by the way”

In a pre-match press conference ahead of a Champions League clash against Paris Saint-Germain, Klopp was turned on by the dulcet tones of a translator.

“Congratulations. Wow. Again please.”


Klopp did his best ‘Rocky’ impression after Liverpool’s new goalkeeper was the hero against Chelsea.

6 | Banter on the parade bus

Klopp appeared to be enjoying Liverpool’s Champions League win a little too much as he almost fell off the back of it, before pouring a beer over Rhian Brewster’s head.

5 | Finding out Wijnaldum had just had his kid

When the reporters know that Wijnaldum’s wife had given birth but Klopp was unaware.

“Congratulations, Gini!"

4 | “I know Bayern lost”

“I don’t know about the other results at this moment. I know Bayern lost. HAHAHAHA.”

3 | "Boooom”

After Liverpool had beaten Manchester City 3-0 at Anfield, Klopp struggled to find the words to describe his side’s performance.

Then, he found the perfect word.

“The best word I can say to describe this is…BOOM!”

2 | “Let’s talk about six, baby”

After Liverpool’s triumph in Madrid, Klopp decided to break into song.

“Let’s talk about six, baby. Let’s talk about you and me. Let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things that made me. Let’s talk about six.”

1 | Breaking his glasses against Norwich

After Adam Lallana scored with the last kick of the match against Norwich to secure a crazy 5-4 win, Klopp got involved in the celebrations.

It resulted in Christian Benteke smashing Klopp’s glasses in the melee.

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